Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kitty Bears

Time for some kitty pics. I haven’t shown off my most precious angel, Zenia. She is my “Velcro kitty” because she always has to be where I am. If Mike gets home before me and feeds the babies, Zenia refuses to eat until Mommy is home. It’s so sweet. She gets away with murder I tell you! If she isn’t hogging my pillow, she is in my “teddy bear” nook with her paw draped over my hand or arm to show the other kitties that she owns me. See the picture Mike snapped while I was sleeping. : - )

These pictures were taken at the beginning of the year when I was on bed rest for a week. I was propped up on pillows and kitties were faithfully by my side. Zenia is sleeping on my chest and Tonka crawled up in my “teddy bear” nook. We refer to them as “kitty bear” when they decide to occupy that space. The little love bug is really good at that crawling up there. Zenia is light enough (6 pounds) that I can sleep with her on my chest without being disturbed.

I would love to hear stories about the nicknames you have for your little furry angels!! Feel free to share. Have a beautiful day!

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Donna A said...

Such sweet pictures of your kittie bears.